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Class 11th and 12th

We are a team of dedicated and qualified tutors working all over
India to provide the best quality education

We, at Anand Tutorials, understand that classes of 11th and 12th are very crucial years of a student’s life. It is a stepping stone in their respective careers as well as in society. That’s why we offer quality home tuition that focuses on encouraging students to ask open-ended questions, be curious about different careers, developing decision-making skills. Our private tutors are honest, empathetic, and good listeners who will always stand beside the students to motivate and encourage them to choose their right career options, whether in science, math, or commerce.


Mathematics: Our private tutors provide an effective way of building mental ability and enhancing logical and critical reasoning with the teaching of Math subject.


Physics: For students who want to appear for various competitive examinations, Physics is an important subject. It helps the students learn how the world works; to help develop theories and experiments.


Chemistry: Branch of science that studies the structure of substances and what happens to them in different conditions. It requires skilled tutors to provide a good understanding of fundamentals.


Biology: Biology is a fun and easy subject if you know the right way to study it. Our tutoring services offer interactive and engaging teaching styles to develop the interest of the students.


Accountancy: Our tutoring services have excellent faculty of commerce tutors that help students understand the management in business planning, decision-making, and exercising control.


Business study: Our tutors curate their teaching style such that it explains the different processes, functions, and principles of business studies thoroughly to the students in order to develop a great foundation.


Economics: Studying with Anand tutorials helps students build a thorough understanding of economic theories, improve their study and grasp statistical knowledge to score well in the exams.


Political science: Our tutors prepare students for various career options such as journalism, international affairs, law, teaching, and politics by teaching them about social, economical, and political issues of the country.


Humanities: Our private tutors curate their subject matter such that it helps students understand, produce, appreciate art, music, theatre, and literature, etc.


Psychology: This is considered to be a scoring subject. Our tutors prepare well-revised notes and study materials to help students grasp the concepts properly and take a greater interest in the subject.


Sociology: Sociology is a subject that represents general principles of the social life of people and social interactions. We have tutors with great communication and interpersonal skills to teach this subject to help students understand groups, social actions, and subject matter.


Physical Education: Our tutors in physical education encourage students to prioritize their physical well-being as well as their studies. The private tutors at Anand tutorials teach how to achieve daily physical activity and a personalized level of fitness.


Computer: It is proved that Computer science education helps students be familiar with new technology and rapidly growing development in society. Thus, our home tutors pay special attention to this subject and develop the student's awareness about the dynamic surrounding the world of technology the right way.

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Why choose us:

We are a team of dedicated and qualified tutors working all over India to provide the best quality education to back up your child’s school curriculum in their primary and secondary years as well as offer a variety of assessment methods to evaluate the student’s performance from time to time. We work in collaboration with parents to keep a detailed track of the child’s progression and help where they are lacking in a professional and respectful manner. So, enroll your child with Anand Tutorials now. It’s a promise, you won’t regret it.

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