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Class 9th to 10th

We are a team of dedicated and qualified tutors working all over
India to provide the best quality education

During the teenage years of students when there are so many distractions around them, the grounds for their education should be more solid so that they can grow up to become great personalities. So, Anand tutorials offer you home tutoring that is organized and forward-thinking but at the same time engaging and approachable. For the class of 9th and 10th, we pay special attention to their growth and interest so that they’re ready to decide their career path later in 11th and 12th.


English Literature: English literature is the primary language used all over the world. Learning the language from a young age puts kids at advantage and at par with students across the globe.


English Language: In this subject, our private tutors focus on developing the student's command of grammar and spoken English to help them communicate better.


Hindi literature: Our home tutors ensure strong literary skills in the subject to help the students have a skilled grasp of their mother tongue.


Hindi language: The Hindi language is a bit advanced offering stories, poetry, and grammar to learn. So, we provide skilled tutors that have in-depth knowledge and experience in the subject.


Maths: Algebra, trigonometry, mensuration, statistics, graphs, coordinate geometry, and number system helps students from 9th to 10th helps students shift their standard of the subject into abstract concepts and topics.


Physics: Motion, forces, heat, energy, electricity, magnetism, waves, light, sound, electronics, and nuclear physics help the students cover the traditional concepts of Physics. Chemistry: Branch of science that studies the structure of substances and what happens to them in different conditions. It requires skilled tutors to provide a good understanding of fundamentals.


Biology: Biology is a fun and easy subject if you know the right way to study it. Our tutoring services offer interactive and engaging teaching styles to develop the interest of the students.


Geography: Geography is the subject that helps the students explore and understand space and land. Our home tutors help students understand the culture, political systems, economies, different countries, and their interdependence.


History: History experts have a great impact on the world. It is a very interesting subject that helps us understand the generations lived ahead of us, understanding past life, culture, and traditions, and how the world use to work with limited resources.


Civics: Civics is the study of the role of government and the citizens of the country and their impact on one another. It enhances the feeling of patriotism in students and makes them aware of their rights and responsibility as a citizen.


Computer: It is proved that Computer science education helps students be familiar with new technology and rapidly growing development in society. Thus, our home tutors pay special attention to this subject and develop the student's awareness about the dynamic surrounding the world of technology the right way.

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Why choose us:

We are a team of dedicated and qualified tutors working all over India to provide the best quality education to back up your child’s school curriculum in their primary and secondary years as well as offer a variety of assessment methods to evaluate the student’s performance from time to time. We work in collaboration with parents to keep a detailed track of the child’s progression and help where they are lacking in a professional and respectful manner. So, enroll your child with Anand Tutorials now. It’s a promise, you won’t regret it.

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