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Class 1st to 5th Private tutoring

We are a team of dedicated and qualified tutors working all over
India to provide the best quality education

Primary education is the base for your child’s educational journey. With Anand tutorials, you’ll get a private tutor with a caring, patient, and persistent attitude that will help your child develop discipline and a sense of direction. We curate our curriculum aligned with a recognized board of education for students to get in-depth knowledge.


Hindi: The curriculum of Hindi literature and Hindi language is a bit advanced offering stories, poetry, and grammar to learn. So, we provide skilled tutors that have in-depth knowledge and experience in the subject.


English: English is the primary language used all over the world. Learning the language from a young age puts kids at advantage and at par with students across the globe.


Maths: Learning complex maths problems, tables, word problems, and numerals questions helps students develop their reasoning and problem-solving skills.


EVS: Learning EVS helps students be aware of their natural, physical, social, and cultural issues and help them connect with their surroundings.

Science: Learning science at this early stage helps the students gain the ability to ask questions, collect information, organize and test their ideas, solve problems, and apply what they learn.

Social Science: Our tutors focus on this subject in order to develop the kids’ knowledge about places, cultures, and events around the world, what conspired to make them the way they are, and can make inferences about how the rest of the world works.


Sanskrit: Sanskrit is the base of many languages like Hindi, English, French, Spanish, etc. So, we have specially qualified tutors that can help grasp the subject thoroughly.

Computer: It is proved that Computer science education helps students be familiar with new technology and rapidly growing development in society.

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Why choose us:

We are a team of dedicated and qualified tutors working all over India to provide the best quality education to back up your child’s school curriculum in their primary and secondary years as well as offer a variety of assessment methods to evaluate the student’s performance from time to time. We work in collaboration with parents to keep a detailed track of the child’s progression and help where they are lacking in a professional and respectful manner. So, enroll your child with Anand Tutorials now. It’s a promise, you won’t regret it.

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