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Nine podcasts every student should listen to:

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Are you a student looking for some exciting and educational content to listen to? Podcasts are a great way to stay informed and entertained while learning something new. We've all been there: trying to stay motivated and focused when the semester piles on the work. Enter podcasts, your new favorite source of entertainment, education, and lightheartedness! Each provides topics varying from inspiring speeches to conversations about understanding movie classics - all delivered in a casual setting that's guaranteed to keep your attention! Whether you're seeking academic assistance or simply need a catalyst effect for productivity and positivity, these podcasts will satisfy those needs while making each study session far less mundane. Give them a try; we bet you'll start streaming them non-stop sooner than you think!

1. The TED Radio Hour: This podcast features inspiring talks from TED speakers, exploring topics such as science, technology, and the human experience.

2. The Joe Rogan Experience: Joe Rogan's podcast is a great way to stay up to date on current events and hear from a variety of guests, from scientists to comedians.

3. The Tim Ferriss Show: Tim Ferriss interviews world-class performers from all different fields, including business, sports, and entertainment.

4. Freakonomics Radio: This podcast explores the hidden side of everything, from the economics of sleep to the science of lying.

5. The Moth: This podcast features true stories told live on stage, without notes, by people from all walks of life.

6. The Memory Palace: This podcast is a collection of short stories about forgotten moments in history.

7. The Allusionist: This podcast explores the history and power of language.

8. The History Chicks: This podcast is a fun and informative look at women's lives throughout history.

9. The Science of Happiness: This podcast explores the science behind happiness and how to cultivate it in our lives.

Whether you're looking for something to listen to on your commute or just want to learn something new, these nine podcasts are sure to provide you with an entertaining and educational experience. These are a few top podcasts that every student should at least listen to once in their lives because it will not only help you academically but increase your logical and analytical thinking and also enhance language & communication skills.


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