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Tips to succeed in online classes

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

With the spread of Covid 19 pandemic, the ways of the world changed drastically and so are the ways we receive education these days. Thank God for technology that we had the convenience of online classes that slowly and steadily kept the students still involved in their studies while going through such hard times.

Treat it like traditional classes:

Generally, students and teachers alike, don’t take online classes seriously.

This is a big NO-NO.

Pretend that your online classes are equal to conventional classes. Treat it with the same sincerity and discipline that you show towards your traditional classes. Remember that you paid for these online classes and you need to incur the value for your money.

Divide your study hours into small segments or topic-wise. Set a timetable for online classes and act accordingly. Take a 5 to 10 minutes break if you study for 2 hours continuously.

Set the tone for productivity:

Set a proper workstation or study table for your online classes. Try to establish a learning environment. Keep silence in the room and keep related books, notebooks, and other stationery close so that you don’t have to get up every time and lose focus. You should also keep some snacks and a water bottle on your study table.

Set a proper schedule and time:

Students need to set proper schedules and timing for their online classes to achieve productivity and consistency. Randomly taking online classes when and wherever you feel like will only make you lose interest frequently and eventually give up learning the subjects at all.

Establish cordial relations with your online classmates:

Students should interact with their mates from online classes. You should talk to them virtually and in real if possible and discuss the topics and lessons that are being taught in online classes. Try to seek tips and suggestions from your peers to improve your knowledge and skills. You can also exchange notes or review each others’ assignments and homework.

Try to set short goals and mini-achievable tasks:

Instead of learning everything at once, try to bifurcate your syllabus into short topics, lessons, or tasks and complete it in the stipulated time frame. Also, don’t forget to reward yourself or celebrate these mini achievements as these achievements will increase your interest in the online classes and set a competitive environment.

Visualize your mastering the subjects or your goals:

Imagine yourself mastering the subject and visualize what else you can achieve when you’ve mastered the subject. Imagine yourself upskilling your choice of field and achieving your career goals.

Practice networking:

Participate and contribute your perspective on the subject matter as much as you can. Ask good questions related to subjects and keep building interest. Most people believe that online classes are a form of self-study but that’s far from the truth because the whole idea of online classes is to build on the idea of networking and collaboration between teachers, professors, and students.

That’s it for tips to succeed in online classes. Students should follow these tips to make the most of their online class experience. For that, the students must be aware of how they learn best- figure out the methods and frequency of their learning capacity and then apply these tips to practice. Always remember that consistency is the key. And if you’ve any queries or need information about online classes in specific subjects or preparing for competitive exams, feel free to contact our Anand Tutorials team.


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